Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kiddos can be so funny sometimes!

There, of course, has been a lot of talk about where babies come from in the house. Considering my present state, it's not a surprise. Lane likes to feel my belly and he always asks if Julie is jumping or kicking. I try to explain to him that there really isn't room for the baby to jump, but I don't think he can understand. He then asks about the kind of toys Julie has to play with. I just tell him she has her hands and feet to play with. There really isn't any room in my belly for toys!

The other day in the car I said something about him being little once. He was a baby and I showed him some pictures from his scrapbook. I told him that he was in my belly once, just like Julie. He looked at me and said "no way." Well of course you were in my belly siilly, how else do you think you got here, I replied? He goes well, you and daddy made me and put me in the oven. I cooked in there for a while and then you took me out!

Well yes, that's definitely true, but it's not the "oven" he has pictured in his mind. Ahh kiddos can be so funny at times. The logic of my 4 year old!


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