Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kansas City Southern Lines!

Lane and I went to the Kansas City Southern Lines Christmas Train last night! It was brought in by Roy's Toys and Trains in Jefferson! It was totally amazing! I think I enjoyed it as much if not more than Lane did! The train cars were decorated inside and out! The first train car you entered in, had a fireplace with Santa. Lane didn't want his picture taken but he stopped long enough to tell santa that he "wanted everything" for christmas. Santa laughed and told him he might have to make 2 trips to his house this year! That's my kiddo for you.
There were LOTS of really neat decorations, santas, ornaments hanging from the ceiling. The last train car had 2 sets of trains which were really neat! The background was even painting to go with the train sets. I was just amazed and Lane informed me he wanted "one of those".
It was well worth the time to go, even though it was really cold! It was FREE which was really neat! I would of paid to go see it though. I really hope it comes through town again next year!
We came home for a bit after the Christmas train and then went back out to see the Jefferson Christmas Parade. We parked right on the end of Nana's street so we could sit in the car as long as possible, get out watch the parade, and then hop back in the car and drive to Nana's and then sit for a bit until all the cars cleared out so we could get home. It was nice. Lane didn't cover his ears this time. He's getting better and he really enjoyed it all!