Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is over!!!

I love the holiday season it's always so much fun and very nerve racking for myself but I'm glad it's finally over. My grandparents received their clogs and seem to enjoy them. My parents loved theres. Mikie's need to be felted and I need to knit up mine and Lanes. Yes I'm always late! Just never enough hands or enough hours in my day.

Lane received wonderful things from santa clause. Although he can't quite understand why santa brought him underwear. Just one of those mystery's I suppose! He received 2 swings and a bar/ring set for his new wooden swing set, a tool bench, flannel camo sheets for his bed, 2 games, hooked on phonics for pre-k, wooden airplanes, 4 dvds, trampoline, real train set, remote control car, remote control transformer, craft easel, guns, cars, coloring books, underwear, boxers and so on. He was quite happy with all his new toys and I think he'll be even happier when the swing set is complete and the trampoline is put up.

Mikie received a really nice shotgun shell box, 5 boxes of shot gun shells, academy gift card, long sleeve camo shirt, 1 camo sweatshirt, tacklebox, fishing pool, new jacket, boxers, carseat covers, wallet, watch and some other odds and ends.

I received a james avery charm bracelet with the 2000 charm (year I graduated HS), a beautiful 10k necklace with lane's birthstone, blue crocs, bath and body work stuff, a new pink brush popper shirt, a really nice black hooded sweatshirt with a barrel racer on it saying "turn em and burn em", gift card to baskins (for a pair of jeans) and some angel coffee mugs.

But the most important christmas present actually came on christmas eve. We found out we are going to have another baby! :) We are due at the end of August. I'm waiting for all the paperwork to get finished up for my medicaid and then I can see the doctor. Thus far, I've felt totally different and didn't actually believe I was pregnant. No sickness or tenderness like with the last one, just some cramping (not unusual with the endometriosis). I know I will still have to have my cervix tied shut, but hopefully this mean things will be better. Keep us in your prayers.

I'm off to do some cleaning up and get myself dressed to run some errands! Please pray that the weather stays nice and that some more work pops up for Mikie. They don't have a lot of working "waiting in the wings" so to speak, so it's time for more things to start popping up!


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pollinator said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy - what a special gift!