Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update on my "Books to Read'

I like to update once in a while about books that I have on my TBR shelf! These are in NO order, just how they are picked up!

1. A McKaslin Homecoming - Jillian Hart (Inspirational Romance)
2. Trick my Truck but don't Mess with my Heart - LuAnn McLane (Southern Romance)
3. Knit Two Together - Connie Lane (Harlequin)
4. Mary: A Novel about Mrs A. Lincoln - Janis Cooke Newman (recommended by Kathy Patrick)
5. Life Strategies - Dr Phil
6. The Will of Wisteria - Denise Hildreth (Borrowed from Allison)
7. The Knitting Circle - Ann Hood
8. Reposition Yourself - T.D Jakes
9. Moon Woman - Pamela Duncan (recommended by Kathy Patrick)
10. Plant Life - Pamela Duncan
11. The Healtiest Kid in the Neighborhood - Sears Parenting Library (Dr Phil Recommendation)
12. Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
13. Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind (Hubby recommendation)
14. Chosen by a Horse - Susan Richards
15. J.D Robb - In death series (about 10 more to go)

I am currently Reading: Dancing Shoes and Honkey-Tonk Blues by LuAnn McLane. I am currently finishing up dad's first clog (Grandma and Grandpa's are knitted, but need to be felted). I still have to do my mom's, mikie's, lane's and myself!

It's very cold today, so we're curled up inside, awaiting the spring to come! or maybe that's just me! :)


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