Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I did it!

I submitted my application today to go back to school to obtain my teaching certificate! I'm looking to teach either math or language arts. My hope that is eventually I might be able to teach a digital arts/graphic design class. I don't really enjoy math, but I am good at basic algebra and for some reason I'm pretty good at breaking it down to teach it! Atleast my mom says so when I spent endless hours helping/teaching her her college math stuff. I love to read but grammer isn't a strong point for me, but it's something I could do! Supposedly most of the classes are online with a once a month saturday class. I'm hoping to get all the stuff done this spring/summer and be ready to student teach this fall when Lane goes to school. I just have to get the financial aid to go back! I hate to take on more debt, but it will pay for itself.

Lane goes to the dentist today. He's not thrilled about it, but it's something he needs to do!

I've been thinking about my after christmas knitting. Here's a short list of things I plan to work on finish up!

1. Mix and Mingle Afghan I started a year ago.
2. Pinwheel sweater (put aside to work on christmas, just the two sleeves left).
3. Baby blankets for my charity knitting.
4. Some catnip toys to send to Best Friends with the pet snuggle
5. Chemo cap for a friend who has cancer and loosing her hair!
6. Crochet some prayers shawls for church. I've been slacking on this.
7. Work on some socks!

That's a good start to get me going after the new year! Mikie and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversary in January. We're hoping to go away for a weekend to hot springs or something. Our honeymoon was the drive from Virginia to Texas :-P

I have finished knitting grandma, grandpa and dad's clogs. I need to do 1 more clog for mom and then I need to start felting them so I can mail them by the end of the week or on Monday (priority mail!!!!!). I'm going to knit a pair for mikie, lane and myself. I'm hoping to knit 2 hats (mikie and lane) too. GAR. I need another week.. or two!



pollinator said...

Good for you!

Ninibi said...

grats on going back to school!

I'm slow catching up - i just got the link back since all my bookmarks are long gone.

Twilight was a fun read, in case all the raving about it didn't tip ya off. :)