Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boy is time going by fast!

I've been so busy nursing my cold and taking care of a sick kiddo and knitting and trying to keep warm. I know I shouldn't complain too much as it's much colder in places like Ohio, but geez. I'm about ready to see the sun and the heat coming back! Part of the reason I can't get better is because the weather gets really cold (ok 40's is cold) and then is back warm again, like today, which was around 70. It was a good day to work on the computer room and then I was able to ride my horse.

I didn't get to ride in the Harleton christmas parade yesterday. Lane was pretty sick Friday and Friday night and I just felt the cold air wasn't good for him (asthma/cough/runny nose) and I didn't feel like it was fair to ask my father-in-law to watch him while I rode since Mikie had to work. When lane gets a really bad cough, he throws up b/c of all the mucus running down the back of his throat. Poor guy. That's not fun to deal with. So there will be other parades and other times to ride!

I think I've come to a life-altering decision. I'm going to go back to school *gasp*. Don't all faint at once! LOL. I'm going to get my teaching certificate and I'm planning to become a HS teacher. Now I know you never saw that coming! I never pictured myself as a teacher, but I know that Lane will go to pre-k this fall and I need something to do with myself if another baby doesn't come. Plus it's decent (not great money, but you don't teach for the money) money, good hours b/c I'll have the summers off and most holidays and I believe we'll be able to get benefits,which we don't currently have. Most of my classes will be online, with a few Saturday classes thrown in. It should take about 12 months to complete and then upon passing my exams, I'll be certifid to teach!

My best friend from Ohio (rebecca) called me last week to tell me she was getting married. Rebecca and matt have been together 7 years, so it's about time :) I'm still waiting for her to pick a date, but it looks like we'll be going to Ohio in the next year or so. I'll be her Matron of Honor. I've never been in a wedding before (other than my own), so this will be an experience. I wonder if I can wear my jeans and boots? Probably not! :)

I've got a little side job working on a website for It's an exotic hunting ranch and they've got some really coold animals! I'm enjoying it and hope to get a few more things done on it and then present it to him for a first draft. I'm learning alot about some of these animals too!

Still knitting away on clogs. Still scrambling to get christmas presents together/done. One day at a time!

Off to do something drastic!


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pollinator said...

If you're anywhere near Elyria Ohio you're welcome to stay with us!