Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to make a post to wish everyone a very merry christmas. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holidays as they visit with friends and family.

I was able to get grandma and grandpa's clogs mailed out Monday. I hope they make it to Aunt Polly's tomorrow, so she can give them to them tomorrow night! Our post office isn't open on Saturday's and they weren't quite dry enough to box up Friday. I was able to get mom and dad's done. They are wrapped under the tree. I am almost done with Mikie's and Lane's I haven't started.

Lane has been fighting a cold (just like myself) off and on for a couple of weeks. Yesterday it really started to get bad. The mucus gets so thick, the only way he can get rid of it is to throw it up. So on top of having a running nose, a cough and now a fever, he throws up randomly. I took him to the doctor's this morning (before the fever started) and she said his chest sounded good, he had no wheezing or tightness, his ears and throat looked good and to continue with the musinex every 4 hours and the nebulizer treatments every 4 hours along with his regular asthma/allergy medicine. Only to bring him back if he got worse, refused to eat or drink or ran a really high fever for more than 24 hours. He hit 103 at 6pm, but the motrin and tylenol have helped that.

So I've had to abandon my knitting since I'm having to keep track of a very sick kiddo. We are supposed to go to Mikie's dad's house tomorrow night for christmas eve and then to his nana's on christmas day to exchange presents and eat, but if Lane is still hacking up his lungs, we wont go. Most everyone smokes and that will be a killer for him. We are still hoping to go to SA on Friday, but at this point in time, we will have to play it all by ear.

I hope everyone has a very MERRY christmas and pray for a speedy recovery for my kiddo! :)



Jim "O" said...

Merry Christmas!!!

pollinator said...

Merry Christmas! We have not yet received grandma & grandpa's gift but we did tell them something special would be here soon. They loved all the pictures of your family on their new digital photo frame.