Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's almost Thanksgiving!

Ohh I love this time of the year because of the food (definintely not because of the weather)! My parents and sister will be coming into town today! Caiti can help me make up my deviled eggs and pumpkin rolls! That's all I'm required to make for Thanksgiving! I've been running around the house doing some cleaning, getting things in order and making room for the new arrivals! Not only is my family coming, but also their 3 dogs! We look like a dog pound when everyone is here! It's great though!

We've been working on the house a bit more! I bought some "cornor" pieces for the crown molding because we realized (after an hour or trial an error) that the room is not square! Suprise Suprise! So the normal 45 degree cuts to make the crown molding square wasn't going to work! I'm hoping Mikie can get them put up today, probably not before my family gets here, but just the same!

I have finally come to terms with the fact we can't find a piece of panneling (which I truly hate) to fix the one piece (where the old window was) we need on the wall. So I went and bought the cheapest piece of panneling to put up. It's wood, but not the same as the rest of the walls. I will either have to paint or wallpaper that room...eventually. But atleast there wont be a huge hole in the living room. Since that's the room you first walk into when you enter the house, it's so obvious!

Lane is excited because his "moomaw" and "poopaw" are coming! He loves to spend time with them and I'm greatful that they only live 7 hours away! They can spend time with their only grandkiddo!

We will be venturing to Nana's house to eat tomorrow probably at noon and then again around 6. You can never get enough Thanksgiving! Mom and I will be doing some Black Friday Shopping on Friday morning and it's supposed to rain. Lucky us? Maybe that means more people will stay home! Hey I can hope right? Friday night we will go to the Lion's Club Park where they do the lighting of the Christmas Trees in Jefferson and it will kick off our Candle Light Tour!

Monday is the Christmas parade. We have decided NOT to ride in the parade since it is after dark and we're not sure how the horses will take to that since we rarely ride after dark! BUT I plan on taking Lane to see the Santa Train that is stopping in Jefferson! Santa will be there along with reindeer! It'll be really neat (atleast I hope so) and then we will venture over to town and watch the parade!

Lots of great things planned. Not a lot of knitting going on (I always seem to wait to the last minute for those christmas presents)!

Off to go clean something else! GAR!!!


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pollinator said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from Andy, Polly & Rosie.