Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lane Vs The Mudhole!

Lane decided he wanted to build a "house" yesterday. The weather was beautiful so I let him outside. I didn't realize that the huge flower pot (it once had a water garden in it) was filled with water from the rains we had last week. Lane used his wheel barrow to gather the water and dump it into this hole he dug. His tractors had to work in it and he had to work in it. Before long he was nothing but a muddy mess. Well I decided he was already dirty, I might as well let him continue to play. It was in the lower 70's yesterday, so it wasn't as though he would catch a chill from the mud/water.
He played and played and played in there until I finally had to pull him out at 3:30 to race to town to get to the post office before it closed. Who knew mud could be so much fun? I'll have to go out and try to fill in the hole later. It's much cooler today (in the 50's for the high) so we wont be going out to play in the mud. I'll have to be sure to empty that big pot as well or he'll just create another one!
BOYS!! :)

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