Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's cold in Texas!

Today I had a chance to just sit down and knit! Lane and Mikie decided to nap and I didn't feel like I really needed a nap so I caught up on a few shows (Ugly Beatty, Grey's Anatomy and 2 episodes of Dr. Phil) and I knitted! I finished my section on the "smurf" oddball blanket for our SW region and I knitted my part on the "Kitty Cuddles" pet snuggle! I was glad to get them both done as I know I still have a lot to knit before christmas!

I was happy to just curl up and watch my shows today too! I have so much on the DVR I need to catch up on. Now that the weather is getting cold I'm sure I'll have more time to do that!
My family will be coming into town on Wednesday! I'm excited. Thanksgiving is always so much fun here and everyone EATS like crazy. I'm supposed to make 3 pumpkin rolls (my grandma O's receipe) and a couple dozen deviled eggs. Not too bad for thanksgiving!
Not too much going on with me. I've still got this head cold and now that the weather is cold that surely doesn't help. Mikie was able to shoot 2 doe last week, so we will have plenty of deer meat in the freezer again this year! He's been duck hunting a couple times, which he loves! It's just way too cold for me to be out there! So I'm happy to kiss him at 4am, tell him I love him, to be careful and have a great time. He usually gets home around 10am. So it works out well for me and for him!
I watched a movie called "in the land of women". It was uhm.. weird? I'm not sure why I thought it would be good, but I did. It wasn't anything to write home about. Kind of slow in parts and really just didn't go anywhere. Ahh well. Bring on another movie from Netflix!
Guess I'll go read, or watch tv, or knit or sleep. Or who knows what. I'm a bit bored. Getting the blues I think from being in doors and cold. BRR. Can it be summer yet? :)

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