Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rain, Rain, go away!

This the 2nd day of rain! It's cold and wet and gives me the BLUES?!! I'll be happy when this rain moves on out of here!

I went to Books-Alive on Saturday! I only stayed for the morning session, I just didn't feel very good! I heard some great authors speak! I picked up a book by Deeanne Gist called "Courting Trouble". Another friend at church picked up the 2nd book and we decided we'll switch off so we can both read the series! I look forward to finding other books she has written as well! I also heard a couple other authors I would love to read books by such as Kitty Chappell, Marcia Gruver, Jayne Joudan, Laura Flett and Suzanne McLeannan! If I would of had the money I would of bought books from all of those authors! I'm hoping some of the other ladies at church bought them and I can borrow them! :)

Last Thursday night I went to a scrapbook "class" at Roys Toys and Trains in town. It was a lot of fun! I met a few new people and hope that I can start "cropping" with these ladies once or month or so in the near future! Maybe that will get me working on my scrapbooks again!

I have been working on clogs! I have grandpa's 2 knitted up (will felt them all later) and one of grandma's knitted up. I found a good deal on the patons sws yarn today at michaels 2 for $3. They are usually 5.99$ a skein! So I have all the yarn I to complete mine, mikie's, lane's, my dad's and my mom's. I will do 7 pairs when it's all done. I'll post pictures soon!

I have this head cold I can't seem to get rid of. It has taken up residence and it's really time it find a new place to rent! I have such a headache in the morning when I first wake up from all the pressure that just builds up! UGH!

I am currently reading "riding lessons" by Sara Gruen. Great book so far. I also found the sequel to it! My shelf is building again on the books I want to read! It's always building though :)

I hope I can join the book club in my area next year. I'd love to be able to talk about the books I read and find great recommendations!

Alright, I should cook some dinner and call my mom. I called earlier and my sister answered.... I'm assuming my mom never got the message! SISTERS?! :)


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