Thursday, January 14, 2010

My hopes for my buisness

As most of you know, I've started a new business venture. I felt it was time to do something for me and help to bring in some extra income. I am an Independent Vantel Pearls Demonstrator. I love the people that I work with and for and I love the products. I'm very excited about this new business for several reasons:

1. Vantel Pearls in the Oyster is a relatively new company and I get the opportunity to help build a wonderful business. There aren't any demonstrators in my area and that allows me free rein for my business!

2. It gives me a reason to get dressed up and feel like a girl!! I LOVE being a wife and a mother and I wouldn't trade it for anything!! But I love the idea of being able to get dressed up and go hang out with other ladies! I'm able to get some adult time, which I really need and enjoy!

3. Vantel Pearls is so different from any other home party I've ever experienced and I know, if given the opportunity to experience it, others will love it as much as I do.

My thoughts/feelings/goals/ideas for my business is as follows:

1. To become a qualified demonstrator by the end of the month.
2. My goal is to do 4-6 shows a month, which I think is realistic with small kiddos (5 and 4.5months) and a hubby who does concrete work and tends to be very unpredictible.
3. I would like to become a Manager by the end of the year and eventually Sr. Manager.
4. To earn a paid for vacation/trip for my husband and I (who never had a honeymoon). I don't know that I will earn it THIS year, but I WILL earn one!

My goals/expectations are not crazy or out of this world. I know I just need a couple good parties so that I can get the bookings I need to get up and running. I'm going to pray about this as I know others will love Vantel Pearls in the Oyster as much as I do!

I am excited to meet some of my team members and upperlinks at the end of the month in North Richland Hills. I am also excited about having a party scheduled for that same night and getting to see someone people I haven't seen in a long time!



TinaK said...

Hi, Danielle!

I'm excited for you and know you will have ALL you dream of! Donna Woolam, and all of us at Vantel Pearls are available to assist you. It's going to be a fabulous 2010!

Contact me anytime you want to share an exciting situation or brainstorm an action plan.

Hugs and blessings,

Donna Roy said...

Welcome Danielle!

We know that you can achieve all of your goals including that honeymoon! We are here to help and support you.

Let me know if there is anything I can personally do to help you with your great start!

Donna Roy

Danielle said...

Thank you ladies for the awesome support. I'm very blessed to have such an awesome uplink and I look forward to actually meeting them at the end of the month!