Sunday, January 3, 2010

6th Anniversary!

Last night Mikie and I went out for our 6th wedding anniversary. Today we can saw we've managed to stay married for 6 years (and not kill each other)! We were able to put money away into our envelope system (thanks dave) and went to Texas Roadhouse and then to see Avatar 3D!! We had cash for gas and a babysitter!

Stephanie came over to watch the kiddos at 4:30pm. I had gotten them a walmart pizza to eat and had most everything out and ready for her. We went to Texas Roadhouse where I had my usual ribs and Mikie had a steak! I got myself a strawberry daquari, yummy they are so good. I haven't had one in ages! My dinner was wonderful, as always! Once we were done we made a stop at the Verizon store to see if we could get a new phone for Mikie. His phone gets very little reception, drops calls and doesn't ring half the time. He was able to get a new one, which should arrive on Tuesday!

We then headed back to Marshall (cheap theater, but VERY nice). We got our tickets to see Avatar 3D, which was Mikie's first 3D movie. It was completely amazing! The graphics and the world of Pandora was just too cool. The colors were so vibrant. I'd love to meet the mind behind that movie. It just amazes me. It was defintiely one you want to see in the theaters. It's ashame we don't have an IMAX theater closer, I can only imagine what that would be like!

We came home and watched the rest of the Texas Tech vs Michagan St. game! It was an awesome 4th quarter!

So today, we can say we've been happily married 6 years. Here's to another year!


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