Monday, January 4, 2010

Julie's 4 month checkup.

Julie had her 4 month checkup today! She weighs 12lbs 14oz and is 24 inches long. She's definitely getting bigger and the doctor said she's right in the middle of the measurements. She is holding her up really well and it wont be long until she's rolling over from back to front. She was NOT happy about the doctors checking her over today and of course the two shots she received.

Lane also had to have a swine flu booster shot today. That was NOT fun and I had to wrap him up like a pretzel. I hate that he had to get two of them but with his allergies and asthma I felt it was the right decision. Plus we don't need him to bring it home from school and share it with his sister. I'm just glad he wont need to have any more shots anytime soon.

What a rough way to start a Monday! My babies are sleeping now though. Mikie is still working and I hate that he has to be out when it's so cold. That's part of the job though :(

Tomorrow is another day! We have our prayer shawl meeting and I'm excited to see the ladies. I really enjoying knitting and spending time with the ladies. They are such a great group of people!


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