Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blockbuster express codes!

We recently have gotten a blockbuster express in our local grocery store. I'm very excited about this, even though I'm a member of netflix but this will allow me to rent a movie when I don't currently have one, or to get new movies quickly or to be able to get a movie that both Mikie and I want to see and use my netflix more for myself! I have gotten a few freebie codes and I thought I'd post them here for myself and anyone else. Keep in mind, you may use the codes more than once as long as you use different credit cards. Not that I'm suggesting you should have credits cards, nor should you USE them, BUT if you're good enough to return your movies and not get charged an extra night, might as well enjoy it while you have it :)

GW9TB5 - ROGO 1/5/10
GW11B3 - ROGO 1/25/10
G211A2 - ROGO 1/28/10
GT11A - Free Rental 1/31/10
KIOSK - Free Rental 2/11/10
GT95A - Free Rental 2/28/10

My hope is, we will get a Redbox at our McDonalds to create some competition and hopefully more codes in the future! :)


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