Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A shock, a disappointment and a blessing.

Yesterday I was able to get some laundry done and paid our bills as well as my FIL's (he pays me each week to take care of his bills) and I needed to run a deposit slip out to his house. When we got there Alli and Aj (lane's cousins) were there because they had the day out of school. So Lane ran to play while I talked with my inlaws for a little bit, when it was time to go, he wanted to stay. They offered to let him stay and play for a while and he could just ride home with his daddy after work.

I went home with intentions of doing more cleaning and decided I was just going to sit and knit and watch more of the parade and such yesterday. I went outside to talk to the neighbor and came in to realize I was bleeding. I immediatly called Mikie and told him to meet me at the hospital in Marshall and then called an ambulance. Gee I seem to always make a specticule of myself.

I wasn't in any pain and arrived at the hopsital in about 40 minutes from my call (no lights or sirens) and was immediately set up into a room. They did a bunch of blood work and urine samples and then sent me to have a sonogram. There we were able to see a baby and a heartbeat. The baby was measuring about 8w1d, which is really close to the 8w5d we are saying. I was sent back to my room while the radiologist read over the ultrasound.

The doctor comes in and says that he has some bad news and some good news. My heart fell at that point in time. He proceeded to explain that I was pregnant with twins but that one of the baby's wasn't viable or that it terminated but that the other baby looks good and healthy for the stage that it is. First I thought he was lying to me b/c the ultrasound chick didn't say anything to me.

So here were are, shocked. We were pregnant with twins, lost one but we still have one. Blessed of course. They did a female exam to make sure the cervix was closed, which it was. I was released, but not before they handed me a prescription and said "btw you have a UTI". Hmm I didn't know that!

I am to follow up with my doctor today, which is when I orignially had an appointment. I'm nervous!

What a LONG day.


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Ninibi said...

I'm so sorry about the second baby, Dani, but thankful one has survived. Hang in there!