Monday, January 19, 2009

Lane and the "hookers"

I've told this story a bunch of times and I still can't help but laugh. Kiddos can come up with the craziest things. Right before christmas Mikie, Lane and I were running errands in town. I needed to go to Brookshires (local grocery store) and get a few things and Mikie and Lane decided to just stay in the car.

Mikie says there was christmas music on and he was singing and out of no where Lane yells "Hey daddy there's two hookers." My husband gets this confused look at his face (this is how he relays the story to me) trying to figure out how Lane would know what hookers looked like. Mikie asked him what in the world he was talking about? Lane said ya know dad, hookers! So curiousity wins out and Mikie starts looking around for these "hookers". Still confused he asks again, "Lane where do you see two hookers." Lane gets up and points to this truck and says "dad over there in that truck, there is two hookers".

Finally the "hookers" were revealed. On the back of the truck in front of the car were two ball-hitches. Lane thinks they are called "hookers" b/c they "hook" the trailer to the truck......

Thought you'd get a good laugh at my kiddo!