Friday, October 16, 2009

The sun is finally shinning!

I am so glad to see the sun today! It has been so nasty here for the last week! I was begining to feel nasty and almost depressed. The weather is cooler and I know the fall is coming. I dislike the cold weather but the cool weather is nice!

Today Julie and I did our grocery shopping. I was very happy because I went to Walgreens and bought two bags worth of stuff (two packages of diapers, 3 things if dental floss, 2 revelon pedi-eggs and 8 cans of soup) and it only cost me 1.35!! I used a bunch of Register Rewards and coupons. I was so proud of myself! I didn't do as well at walmart (still lots of coupons) but not that great a deal. Here's to being frugal!

I have also made the leap to become a Vantel Pearl Demonstrator. I'm very excited about this. We've been very blessed becaused I've been able to stay at home, but we could really use the extra income. Vantel Pearl will allow me to create my own schedule, be home with my kiddos and hopefully bring in some extra income. Work has been really slow because of all the rain here in North East Texas. We want to put away some more money for Christmas and we would also like to continue our debt snowball (Dave Ramsey). I just received his Financial Freedom program book and plan to read that as well.

Today was just a beautiful day and I'm so glad to see the sun shine again. I've missed the sun so much!


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