Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lane and TomiJo

Last Saturday night the phone rings and I answered it and this cute little voiced asked if she could speak to Lane. I of course said yes and passed the phone off to my son. He said hello and his face lit up when he realized it was TomiJo. She is a girl from his class that he came home from school talking all about. Except when he first came home he wasn't sure of her name. It was "Tom and Joe" and finally we found out it was TomiJo. She invited Lane to come watch her cheer at the bulldogs game today. He was very excited about her calling him and after they were done talking her mom asked to speak to me. She told me they were getting ready for bed and TomiJo mentioned she hadn't talked to Lane in a couple of days (she wasn't in school that Friday) and would really like to speak to him.

So today I took Lane and Julie to Elysian Fields to see TomiJo cheer. We also have some family that plays on the football team so it was nice to get out of the house. TomiJo was so excited to see Lane when we got there. She ran over to tell her mom that Lane had come to see her cheer. Prior to this game, I had never met her mom, only spoken to her on the phone. It was nice to put a face with a name! The two kids walked around together after the game was over. A friend took some pictures (my camera was in the car) and promised to send them to me on facebook. I did get this one of them with my cell phone.

Lane says he likes the ribbons in her hair. He tells me all the time how pretty she is and how he really really loves her. So, there it is, my son and his first crush (besides Jessica of course).

She is a beautiful little girl and I'm glad to see my son has such good taste. His father is quite proud too!


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pollinator said...

How sweet! Lane looks just like his daddy.