Monday, June 30, 2008

Odds and Ends!

My aunt and uncle will be arriving today. They left last Friday (from Ohio) and drove to Nashville, TN. They will arrive here this evening and then tomorrow we will make the 7 hour trip to San Antonio to my parent's house. Lane and I will get to ride in a RV! I'm exciting to see what he thinks of this as he will be able to move around a bit during the trip. I'm also a bit nervous b/c I wont have my car down in SA and it's a long trip, knowing he can move around. I'll be packing the dvd player and his dvds!!

I finally got all the packages mailed out on Friday. I hope that means they will start to arrive today. I sent a finished preemie blanket to Shandeh, a finished baby blanket to Snowbear and then a WIP baby blanket to Robinknits. Those blankets are just turning out so beautiful.

I have also finished the front and the back of my pink duet shirt. It's seamed together and I'm taking it to mom's so she can help me read the directions and see what needs to happen next. I also picked my alene camisole back up. It's seamed up the sides and I've started working the lace bottom. I've gotten about 3 or so inches done. It's really pretty and really looks nice. I've also been looking at sock patterns. I want to cast on some more socks!

I've posted a question on the KH boards about how to read a pattern that is written from the top down, when I want to work from the toe up. I can't quite get my mind wrapped around that. We'll see how it goes :)

I also went to Roy's Toys and Trains and they gave me a $10 gift certificate for helping to advertise. I bought 1 set of thomas stickers and some cowboy stickers to work on Lane's scrapbook. I also bought him a train whistle, which is absoulately LOVES!

I was also approaced about doing some photography work. They want some Black and whites done of the big fountain in town. I went and played with it some, but when I return from vacation I'll definitely get to work on it. It would be nice to earn a little extra money on the side maybe.

Anyway, should be cleaning and packing. We are leaving in the morning!


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Ninibi said...

did you say socks? ^^ ;P