Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sad News

Without going into a lot of details as I'm not ready to really talk about it all yet, I miscarried the baby yesterday (Friday). I wasn't in any pain, and neither was the baby.

I had a D&C yesterday evening and I was greatful that my doctor was the one to do it and I knew one of the OR nurses.

I was able to go home last night and didn't need to take any pain pills. Today the only pain I am experiencing is where they did the spinal block (in my lower back) and of course the sad heart.Please keep us in your prayers as we are going through a rough time. I go back to the doctor's in 2 weeks for a check up.

Danielle, Mikie and Lane

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i-can-d.i.y said...

God is with you ..and all that happens is for a divine reason ....

stay strong !!!!

peace & love