Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vitamins are bad!

Ok so I thought I would switch and start taking my vitamins in the morning. I thought that they were making me so tired in the morning (since I took them at night) I was having a really hard time getting up and moving. So I started yesterday morning. About 30 minutes later I got sick. I thought it was the waffles that I ate before I was leaving for my doctor's appointment.

Well today I got at 8:30 with my kiddo and we both had some toast for breakfast. I had my cappuicion to get me moving and then took my vitamin and my zyrtec. About 30 minutes later I was praying to the porcelin god again! SO! After speaking to the nurse at the doctor's office, she says I should try taking them at night. GAR but they make me tired!

I just can't win! I thought once you got past the first trimester, it was supposed to get a bit easier/better!? I fear someone if fibbing to me!


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