Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lane's new bigboy bed!

We have been looking for a new big boy bed for lane! He was just getting too big and too rough for his toddler bed. It was one of those that converts from the crib. I was afraid he was going to ruin the crib! So I've been going to yard sales and looking for a bed. I had some ideas on what I wanted to do in his room to "jazz it up" a bit for him.

Well we were in longview and I saw this "America's finest furniture" discount store so I said something to Mikie about running in there. We found a couple beautiful bedroom sets for ourselves when/if the time comes. We went to the back and I saw this perfect bed for lane. It's kinda like a loft bed, but not nearly as high. It has a slide and a "camo tent" underneathe. The price was good and lane loved it. So lane has this new bed that's really cool. The metal is a cameo green color. The bed "skirting" that creates the tent is the green cameo and it's totally perfect. It's the kind of bed that any little boy wants. Mikie said this was the kind of bed he wanted when he was a kid. Lucky lane! So we bought the bed Saturday and put it together. He totally loves it!

Now he just needs a bigger room for his bigger bed. We didn't think so much of the size on the bed we bought at the time. It takes over his room! But what else does he need in there other than his toy box and his dresser? It's perfect, it didn't cost an arm and a leg and he sleeps on the bed!


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