Monday, March 3, 2008

Doctor's visit!

I had a doctor's visit this morning. A follow-up from the ER visit while I was in San Antonio. The doctor decided to do another songram to see the position of the baby and to see if there was anymore bleeding/hemorraghing. She said the baby looked good. It was "holding on" just fine. She did see where the bleeding had occured. She didn't feel it was a problem. The baby's heart rate was up around 150's, so that was an improvement from last week. She estimates me to be about 7 weeks, so we are sticking with the October 19th due date! My sister is excited since that is her birthday!

The doctor printed me out a picture of our little "peanut". It just looks like a tiny dot in the middle of a circle. So much for technology! She sent me over to do a bit more blood work. My arms look like I've been injecting myself with all kinds of good stuff, or that mikie has taken to abusing me. LOL. She wanted to check my progestrone levels. She said that can cause bleeding and misscarriage. I should find out later this week how my levels are sitting!

So that's that. I'm supposed to "take it easy". I hope the afternoon/evening/night sickness goes away. It's really not fun. I've gained 3lbs, all in my boobs. Mikie's just disappointed they still hurt so he obviously can't enjoy them!


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