Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seriously? Sock yarn!

I am so very excited. I'm making my first yarn purchase of the year! I've been working out of my stash so far this year, trying to clean it up a bit. I've also been working to finish up current UFO's. I'm doing quite well along with my charity knitting.

I was on ravelry the other day and ran across a post about seriously? Sock yarn. It's grey's anatomy inspired. I realized I had missed the signup date to order the yarn through ravelry so I went to and found the yarn on their website. Much to my dismay it is sold out!

So I did the only rational thing and emailed the company to find out when their might be more! The lady was so wonderful. She offered me the one and only skein she currently had left! She did inform me there would be more in stock in 2-3 weeks though.

So I'm impatiently awaiting her to send me an invoice through paypal. Once I pay her, I will be the proud owner of some seriously? grey's anatomy sock yarn!


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