Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doctor's visit was good!

I went for a checkup on Thursday. She seemed pleased with the way I was feeling and did a quick pelvic. She spent about 20 minutes trying to find the heartbeat. We did on the tummy first but after 5 minutes or so she couldn't find it so she did one transvaginal. We could hear my heartbeat but couldn't find the babies. She was just about to quit when the little skittle rolled the right way and we heard it for about 30 secs. It was really neat!

She told me to keep doing the progestrone suppositories and she wanted to see me back in 4 weeks! She did tell me no "nookie" for the next 3 weeks while we do the suppositories! Poor mikie!

I'm feeling ok. Allergies are bad though! It was 90 yesterday and in the 70's today. Just beautiful weather! I hope it stays!


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