Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Donations to Best Friends!

Here are the 3 items I plan to donate to Best Friends! The first pictures is an acrylic oddball pet snuggle. The 2nd one is a cotton oddball pet snuggle and the 3rd is a parrot sweater! The first two were knitted on by other people as well. It will hopefully be used to warm the floor of a kennel for a pet! Hopefully it might be able to help a pet who is sick or in need of special attention. Something they might be able to bond to and call their own in their time of need! The parrot sweater I knitted up in a few hours. Hopefully it will go to help a parrot during the stressful time to keep them from plucking feathers! It's very bright and colorful. I need to try and find a couple big buttons or something of that sort to help distract them!

I plan to mail this box out when I return from San Antonio! I hope it goes to help a few pets and also warms the hearts of the volunteers/workers of Best Friends!


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pollinator said...

What a great donation for a great cause!