Monday, March 2, 2009

14week mark!

This week has had me a little worried. I'm 14w4d today and I was 14w5d when I lost the last baby. Now I know things have been different thus far with this pregnancy, but I think it's human nature to be concerned. I'm trying to take it easy when I can, not over do it and drink plenty of water. I know what happend with my last pregnancy wasn't my fault, but I still feel as though I need to be conscious of what's going on.

Next week Lane and I are headed to san antonio for their spring break. It will be a nice week that we can spend with my mom and sister (and dad for part of it) with them at home. It will probably be one of the last trips I make there until after I deliever. When I get back I will have a doctor's appointment that following Monday (16w4d).

I feel pretty good these days. The nausea is mostly gone, but I find myself really tired. By 8 or 9 pm I'm ready for bed. I feel like such an old lady! LOL. My hubby usually stays up and games (something I've done VERY little of lately). I usually curl up in bed with a book or a netflix movie until I can barely keep my eyes open! I wish the DVR was in the bedroom. I have such great movies to catch up on, but no desire to sleep on the couch!

I am almost done with a parrot sweater! I am hoping to ship it and 2 pet snuggles to best friends this week or next. I hope the donation will help out and I hope it will warm the animals it goes to.

The weather is finally warming up! I'm so glad it'll be close to 80 by the end of the week. It makes me remember why I'm happy I left virginia! We are also getting new vinyl flooring put in the house after I return from SA!!! I'm so excited. We've been saving and saving and put ALL of our tax return money away! We will be paying CASH for the vinyl flooring and have almost half of what we need to do the new carpeting in the whole house too! I'd like to wait until I've had time to paint a few rooms before we put the new carpet down, but there is a light at the end of the reconstruction tunnel!

I'm off to bed. It's 15 minutes to 9. Little old lady I seem to be!!


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Ninibi said...

Paying in cash is awesome!