Monday, May 28, 2007

For Sale or swap!

This is some stuff I'd like to sell/trade for. Make me an offer on any of the lots. You will need to pay shipping though so contact me for shipping costs.

As for swaps I wouldn't mind some sock yarns, no novelty yarns please and any other interesting books or magazines you might have.

I have a few knitting books I hope to get put up in the next couple of days! Let me know if you want anything on here. You can send me a PM on the forums or email me at secksiebrat at hotmail dot com. Please note that I do have 1 cat and 3 dogs. But my home is smoke free! I will take paypal, MO or cashier's check as payment.

This is a set of 4 dpns by boyes. They are size 3's. They are about 7 inches long. They are aluminum.

Here is 1 skein of Lily's Sugar'n Cream Yarn. The color is "softly taupe" colour: 01011 dye lot: 135150. It is 100% cotton worested weight yarn. Great for dish cloths!

This is a lot of 5 skeins of crystal palace ribbon yarn. The color is 404- Celebration. There are 3 skeins of Lot C and 2 skeins of Lot E. There is 87 yds/50gr 3-4 sts/inch Us. 10.5-15. The 1 skein is all there, I was just unable to really use it. For some reason I had a hard time with this yarn. It's a beautiful color though! Only 1 skein was every touched, the other 4 are still perfectly wrapped! These retail for 6.50 a skein.

This is a set of straight boye needles. They are aluminum and they are size 13's.

This is a set of 5 dpns by Pony. They are size 2 and 5 inches long.

This is another set of bamboo needles. Once again I don't think they are a brand name, but they are just as nice just the same. They are size 8 and 13inches long.

This is a set of bamboo straight needles. I don't think they are clover or any "brand" name but they are still really nice. They are size 11's and I think they are 13inches long.

This is a Boye Circular needle. This not part of the needlemaster set. It is a size 10 1/2, 29" long.

These are Lion Brand Double Pointed Needles. They are size 5 and there is 4 in this set.

These are size 3 Brittany DPNS. Please note that there is only 2. I thought maybe someone might need them to complete a set or for a lost/broken one or heck extra? The dog at the other 3 that was part of the set. These are the short 5inch long ones. Make me an offer!


psammeadred said...

Don't give up on your Brittany needles! Call the company, and they'll replace them for free.

secksiebrat said...

Oh really? Do I tell them the dog ate them? LOL I don't have them anymore I threw away what was left of the pieces. I had no idea they would replace them? Thanks!