Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Ok I need to work on posting again. Life just get so crazy sometimes! I finished the prayer shawl for my nana. She loved it. I thought she was going to cry. I explained to her that it wasn't a "prayer" shawl, because usually that is given to people that need prayers, for health issues and such. Nana is 73 years old. I told her we'd call it a "comfort" shawl. When the days/nights get rough, she can go into her room, and wrap herself into it and she will find comfort. I think she was pleased.

I have been knitting on some charity items again. I did a part on the Mexican Fiesta Charity blanket. I chose the moss stitch in bright orange. I have also started a sqaure for the log cabin baby blanket project. I knited that in stockinette stitch in dusty rose. I received the next square in the series to knit on.

I have been working on my afghan from knitpicks. It's easy and I really enjoy how it's coming along.

We have all been sick here with the flu. We have been miserable. UGh what a horrible virus! Lane is finally feeling better. I hope tomorrow is a better day!

I bought some buttons for my combo corset- T. I am not sure I'm happy with them though. After talking to my mom she suggested a different kind. I may go back and buy new ones. We'll see :) I still need to rewatch the Knitty Gritty episiode to learn to do the crochet edge and the button holes.

So that's good enough for today. Here's to a better day tomorrow!


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