Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ok so I thought about the UFO's floating around my house and thought I might make a list. I'd like to try and work on finishing some of these before the end of the year!

1. Combo Corsett-T from - Actually i'm hoping to finish knitting on it by the weekend and then learn to do the crochett border and buy some buttons. So maybe in a week this will be a FO!
2. Alene Camisole also from - I've done the front and back to this. I need to block it, seam it and cast on for the "skirting" portion.
3. Afghan Kit from I started this and realized I made a mistake. I need to do a bit of froggin and redo a row or two. I love the yarns that came with this kit though. It gave me a great chance to try out different yarns!
4. Comfort shawl - I want to do this for my husband's nana for christmas. I casted on and really got going on it and realized I made a mistake a row or two back. I ripped it out and now can't seem to get the yarn over to look right. We'll see if I can fix it or if it'll have to be frogged way back.
5. Teddy bear- I started a teddy bear just for the fun of it. I just need to do the arms and finish seaming and then stuffing. It shouldn't take me but a couple of hours to finish this off. It's just sitting there though!
6. Sock with jitterbug sock yarn. I love this yarn. My mom got it for me for christmas. I started a pattern, but it down for a bit and then tried to pick it up and couldn't figure out where I was. I'll probably frog the whole thing and try out a new pattern. I've found some really great ones lately. Maybe the rainy day socks. We'll see

Ok I am pretty sure that's all my unfinished projects. I plan to finish the combo corset-t in the next week or so, provided I figure out all the crochet part and find some nice buttons. After that I need to work on the comfort shawl for my nana. I also bought some Patons "decor" yarn that I want to try to do a palindrome scraf (from silver's website) with. I'm trying to get a project or two done so I can justify starting another one! LOL

I'm heading to San Antonio tomorrow with Lane. My sister's 16th birthday is friday. I'll be bringing projects with me and hopefully I'll get some knit time in! Lane loves it down there and hopefully it'll be warmer down there and he can swim some.


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