Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rough day

Well today is day one of my monthly friend. My endometriosis is really getting bad again. I felt miserable all night and then this morning I wake up and start and now it's even worse. I hate this feeling and I hate that they can't do anything to fix it. I just hope and pray that in the fall we are able to conceive another baby and then after I have the baby, I will have a doctor that will just take it all out. I will be 26 then and would be perfectly happy with 2 children.

So I just have to get through the next 3 days, of course they have to be work days for mikie so I don't get much relief/help until he is home from work.

Only a few more months of this nasty mess and then hopefully the time will be right for another one and then I can just be done with periods. I wont be sad to see my insides go. I've been in so much pain since I was 16....

Ugh.. Bad day..


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